Raised installation

The 2cm thickness porcelain stoneware slabs in combination with a raised flooring systems means being able to construct a raised floor that has an under-flooring gap that can be used to lay pipes and circuitry such as those carrying water or electricity.

How to install

Lay the feet/pedestals on the surface.

Place them according to the length of the slab.

Once feet/pedestals are in place proceed by placing the slabs while keeping an inclination of ≥ 1.5%.

Once all the slabs are in place, the suspended floor is ready for use.


* In case of raised installation on supports higher than 10 cm, a reinforcing system must be applied on the back of the slabs - e.g. a fiberglass mesh like Fiber-Mesh Plus (3.4 pz/m2) or a galvanized steel sheet.


1. Rubber shim - 2mm thickness for use with different types of tiles, anti-slip, noise absorber.

2. The slope corrector PH5 from 0 to 5%. Patented and award winning slope correction system, the Buzon PH5 slope corrector can compensate for slopes from 0 to 5%, adjustable in increments of 0.5%. Setting the fall to a minimum of 2% is recommended for a good water run-off, and can now easily be specified.

3. The bottom slope corrector BC-PH5 can compensate, a horizontal, a slope from 0 to 5% (slope from 0 to 5 cm per meter). This is placed under the base of the pedestal.

4. The Buzon coupler C2 is used to extend the height over 175 mm. Two integrated tabs on either side allow for mechanical fixation (cross-wire bracing), which guarantees enhanced stability.

5. Spacer Tabs for achieving uniform spaces between used decking material. The head can be fitted with spacer tabs, to create the desired opening between stone slabs or pavers. Fixed to top of pedestal by clipping in only



Pedestal with the cut base on the two perpendicular sides and without tabs of positioning for use in a corner.


Pedestal with cut base on a side and two of the four tabs removed for use along the perimeter of paving.


Pedestal with cut base on two parallel sides and two removed tabs of positioning.


Pedestal with the complete base and the four tabs of positioning.