Italon X2 presents the new Materia and Climb collections

The range of products in 2cm thickness porcelain stoneware is now even more rich and diverse: Italon X2 acquires a more modern appearance thanks to new Materia collection, while the new Climb collection is stylish with its strong color contrasts.

New formats and decors for Italon X2

Now Italon X2 is not only 2cm porcelain tiles and special pieces for stairs and sides of the pool: there are also new decorations like Pavone and Blocks that can brighten any exterior, giving the space a unique charm of Italian style.

New brand Italon X2 presented at Batimat 2016

Italon presents Italon X2 new brand at Batimat 2016, the main exhibition of the building sector in Russia.
X2 is the first Russian-made brand of 2 cm thickness porcelain stoneware surfaces specifically designed for areas that require high technical features, be it commercial or residential spaces.
Italon dedicated an exhibition area to new X2 brand to present its possible destinations of use and installation systems – onto grass, onto gravel, onto a subfloor or raised installation on pedestals. A system of special pieces for swimming pools is also available in X2 range and is on display on stand.